Tax Compliance & Advisory


If you cannot avoid something then you have to manage it. What is the saying? … “death and taxes” and sometimes it really feels that way as taxes are one of the most complex accounting and compliance areas and could devour enormous amount of time and be very costly if not addressed timely and properly. Taxes are also one of the known roadblocks for taking the Company to the next level, weather it is launching a new product or service, M&A transaction or expanding into new geographies. Good news is that taxes can be planned and managed in a way that does not hinder the business by taking away opportunities and costing unnecessary time and resources. We have excellent team of tax professionals and provide full range of tax services. No project is too big or too small for us – some of them are as short as ten hours and can be as large as multiple thousand hours. Key to our success is our project implementation approach that is based on collaboration and timely cooperation from all key parties, including the client’s team, SOAProjects, other advisors and independent auditors, if needed. Our tax services cover the following areas:


1. Tax Compliance
2. Income Tax Accounting
3. Full Accounting and Tax Services for Start Up Companies
4. Sales and Use Tax
5. M & A Tax Services
6. Research Tax Credit Studies
7. Tax Controversy
8. Transfer Pricing study
9. Specialized Tax Projects