M&A Assistance


(i)     Due diligence;

(ii)    Prepare Pro-Forma financial statements;

(iii)   Purchase Accounting;

(iv)   Integration – systems, preparing consolidated financials.


M&A Accounting for M&A – Acquisitions Combinations & Divestitures


Acquisitions, spin-offs, joint ventures or any other significant business transactions require specialized resources. We can help with pre and post-transaction accounting research with a focus on obtaining a deep understanding of the business purpose, nature and anticipated results of the transaction. This includes proactive advice on accounting and financial reporting consequences of different elements of the transaction such as:


  •    Business combination vs. asset purchase
  •    Identifying the acquirer
  •    Determining the acquisition date
  •    Measuring the purchase consideration, including cash and non-cash elements
  •    Acquired intellectual property
  •    In-process research and development
  •    Acquired tangible assets
  •    Backlog
  •    Customer relationship
  •    Non-compete agreements
  •    Trademarks
  •    Share-based awards
  •    Pre-existing relationships
  •    Working capital adjustments
  •    Deferred revenue
  •    Leases
  •    Tax and deferred tax elements
  •    Acquisition-related costs
  •    Pre-acquisition contingencies
  •    Contingent considerations
  •    Employment agreements
  •    Measuring the Goodwill
  •    Bargain purchases


Tell us what you need, and we will help you to get there! We will prepare accounting memos and white papers to satisfy the most demanding independent auditors and other interested parties.


We provide robust technical expertise, deep industry knowledge and dedication to client service. Our technical accounting partners have 100+ years of combined experience, most of which with Big Four accounting firms, including Big Four National Office. Our experience includes accounting and financial reporting support for every stage of acquisitions, investments in joint ventures, equity investments, investments in variable interest interties, spin-offs and carve-out transactions.