IT Compliance & Advisory


In today’s global environment, organizations are struggling to manage the competing priorities of growing the business while managing their current and ever changing risk profile.  Furthermore, the regulatory and compliance environment is continuing to evolve and complicate matters.


As a result of these challenges, effectively and efficiently managing IT risk, compliance, and governance have taken on even more importance as technology failures can lead to financial, operational, reputational, or legal damage.  Understanding your technology risks and reducing the residual impact of those risks to the business is crucial.


SOAProjects works with clients to assess their technology risks, manage and mitigate the impacts of those risks to the business, and enable the organization to leverage technology as a competitive advantage.  Our IT Compliance and Advisory practice offer a wide range of risk consulting services including IT, ERP, and Cyber.

Our Value Proposition 


Our IT Compliance and Advisory value proposition is delivering value to a wide range of internal and external stakeholders.