Contract Risk Services

Contract Risk Services – Royalties, Vendors, Channel


Establishing and implementing a process of regular assessment and monitoring of contractual partnerships is essential to control costs, manage risks, and contribute to the value derived from these arrangements. Risk-based monitoring of these relationships can be very complex and time consuming, often requiring access to subject matter expertise, as well as commitment to regular monitoring of the contractual relationships. Inadequate attention results in process inefficiency, control breakdowns, and incremental costs associated with “patchwork” arrangements. Due to continuing efforts to establish adequate governance structures and maintain transparency, companies realize that these relationships play a critical role to their internal controls and risk framework.

Market Insights


Following are some of the factors impacting the level of risk exposure in contractual arrangements:

  • Significant increase of patents, copyrights, and trademarks and the subsequent licensing of the Intellectual Property (IP)
  • Increasing focus of Procurement Sourcing departments to maximize cost savings and enhance business relationships
  • Outsourcing of non-core core processes (e.g. contract manufacturing, distribution of product, etc.)
  • Growing number of franchise businesses and business affiliations (joint ventures and partnerships)
  • Increasing trend toward globalization
  • SOX and other regulatory requirements

Types of Projects


SOAProjects provides license compliance, contract management, royalty inspections, channel compliance, fraud investigation, FCPA compliance and litigation support services to a broad spectrum of clients for start-up companies to billion dollar corporations.

•  Contract Portfolio Review

•  Asset Valuation

•  Licensing Strategy

•  IP Life-cycle Analysis

•  IP Usage Tracking & Reporting

•  IP Detection Tools

•  Royalty Tracking

•  Risk Based Audit Selection

•  Customer Risk Heat-map

•  Compliance Health Chart

•  Compliance Bench-marking

•  Fraud Investigation

•  FCPA Compliance

•  Litigation Support

•  Contract Audits

•  Software Asset Management (SAM)

•  Distribution/Channel Audits

•  Supply Chain  Audits

•  Co-Development Audits

•  Co-Promotion Audits

•  CRO Audits

•  Vendor Audits

•  Royalty Audits

•  One Touch Reviews

•  Desktop Reviews

•  Operational Audit

•  Performance Audits

•  End User Audits

Royalty Compliance Services
We work with clients to determine the amount of any unpaid royalties, prevent future losses, understand their licensees’ royalty obligations and strengthen their relationships with business partners. Royalty compliance services include:

  • Reviewing royalty payments, reports and calculations
  • Determining whether the licensee’s understanding of its obligations matches that of the licensor
  • Auditing information and presenting findings and recommendations to the client
  • Designing programs for future monitoring of licensees