Corporate Overview


Our professionals join us from the largest accounting firms in the Bay Area, and our team comprises full-time employees as opposed to contractors. We provide a wide-range of services and serve clients ranging from early-stage high-potential start-ups to high-growth pre-IPO companies to well-established Fortune-100. Since we focus on only hiring experienced managers, senior managers, and partner-level professionals, this enables us to provide high quality work product and deliver significant value-add to our clients. We have a global foot-print with 15 offices in 10 countries around the world and headquarters located in Mountain View, California.


We are committed to bring the highest quality of service to our clients and strive to drive value and deliver industry best-practice improvements to each of our clients’ business processes. In addition, we assist our clients in meeting the project objectives efficiently and effectively. We focus on a forward-thinking model of providing end-to-end services and support the growth of our clients.