Equity Administration Software

Implement Edge On-Line® or other Equity Administration Software:


We have extensive experience of seamless implementation of Equity Edge On-Line® (EEO) and other equity administration software. The secret is our project implementation approach that is based on collaboration and timely cooperation from all key parties – the client’s HR team, Etrade® and SOAProjects. Further, our approach is hands-on and we identify and resolve minor items long before they have a potential to become an issue. Our team of experienced CEPs and CPAs will work as a team and ensure your implementation is smooth and timely. Typical steps in an implementation are as follows:


1.  Set up accounting policies within EEO database

2.  Formatting and importing employee personal data

3.  Employee comparison from HR records to EEOrecords

4.  Process historical employee terminations

5.  Format/process historical activity (exercises/repurchases)

6.  Input employee dept/cost center (for expense allocation)

7.  Input broker information into employee records

8.  Input historical fair market value by date range

9.  Input special account requirements (officer, board member, section 16, proxy,  Rule 144)

10.  Input various vesting schedules

11.  Process any ISO/NQ split and validate splits

12.  Run employee account records report and have HR validate

13.  Formatting employees with correct tax rates (by state/country)

14.  Original stock option grants & compare to original records

15.  Assumption/valuation for existing grants and testing

16.  Expense amount by quarter validation from previous years booked expense amount

17.  Enter new adopted plan information and metrics of the plan into EEO

18.  Validate 2012 grant numbers from original records to EEO

19.  Enter in valuation and assumptions for current year grants

20.  Run expense reports by quarter to validate Black-Scholes and expense amortization is properly recording

21.  Run final reporting/extensive review of all reporting and tie out

22.  Run all reporting from Equity Edge and compile final binder for auditors

23.  CPA Review