IPO Service Offering


IPO … many dreams of this, one of the best outcomes for founders, investors and many employees of the company. The final pay-off for long hours of hard work, sleepless nights and missed vacations, Silicon Valley’s most popular way of achieving the American Dream. To get their business should certainly be solid and growing but a poor order of accounting and finance delayed or even dashed way too many IPOs. We will work with you proactively to ensure that accounting and financial reporting stays in the background and runs as smooth as possible. It is exciting to assist with IPOs as nothing compares to the joy of helping people to achieve their dreams. We provide the full range of finance and accounting related IPO services and have a long list of happy clients because we are the best with broad IPO experience, unparalleled technical expertise, industry knowledge, flexibility, and dedication to the client service. Our technical accounting partners have 100+ years of combined experience, most of which with Big4 accounting firms, including Big4 National Office.



Our IPO service offering includes:


  •   IPO Diagnostic Assessment
  •   Pre-IPO Period Financial Information
  •   Audit and Review support
  •   Registration statement preparation
  •   File registration statement and address SEC comments
  •   IPO Project Management
  •   SOX readiness
  •   Draft technical accounting memos
  •   Prepare SEC-compliant interim financial statements
  •   Address cheap stock and other fair value considerations
  •   Revisit other critical accounting areas considering SEC hot buttons and recent accounting pronouncements
  •   Prepare earning-per-share calculations
  •   Prepare accounting policy and procedures
  •   Assist with Key Tax Projects
  •   Audit and Review support
  •   Registration statement preparation
  •   File Registration Statement & Address SEC comments
  •   Implement SOX readiness