IPO Services



SOAProjects provides critical support to companies before and during the public offering process and continue to support as a public company.



IPO Project Management

Comprehensive project management plan is crucial to success of a IPO Process and our team will:

  • Coordinate and liaise between Company’s management and other parties involved in the IPO process
  • Develop a detailed project plan defining activities, assign tasks among all parties and set  timeline
  • Facilitate and coordinate the initial registration statement process with external auditors, lawyers and underwriters
  • Facilitate drafting of responses to SEC comment letters and coordinate discussions with SEC staff, external auditors, and management


IPO Readiness  

After the IPO Diagnostic project, our typical IPO readiness process consists of remediating findings from the Diagnostic Assessment. Our typical services includes:

  • Resolve complex accounting issues and preparing technical accounting memos and white papers
  • Assist clients with their ASC 606 adoption, implementation, and on-going revenue recognition needs
  • Assist with ASC 842 Assessment and Adoption
  • Evaluate other new accounting standards impact on financial statements
  • Prepare accounting policies and procedures
  • Assist with month-end, quarter-end, and year-end close
  • Business combinations, Complex Financing Transactions
  • Consolidations, FX, intercompany reconciliations
  • Prepare EPS and Dilutive EPS calculations
  • Assist in pre-auditing numbers and preparing audit schedules for audit
  • Support and manage to complete your audit
  • Prepare financial statements and footnotes under a PCAOB audit, including tie-out support
  • Prepare the flux analysis
  • Prepare a list of related parties and related party transactions