Software Asset Management (SAM)

For Software and Hardware Providers
Understanding and reconciling what a customer has purchased from you historically, what the customer currently has deployed, and to what extent such deployments are actually being utilized (if relevant), is basic customer intelligence information for sales and compliance teams.

Regardless of whether a sale transaction is based on a compliance issue or on an incremental customer need, the sale is enabled by having complete and accurate information. Customer satisfaction is also directly related to the quality of information upon which any discussions are taking place, whether during the sale process or part of the ongoing relationship. In competitive situations as well, having better information about the customer can make all of the difference.


  • Purchase History Research and Analytics – M&A Changes, Data Source Consolidation
  • Customer Platform Consolidation
  • Customer Asset Management – Assistance with Tools and Processes
  • Customer Licensing Education
  • Maintenance Renewals Optimization
  • Review and Analysis of Customer Contracts
  • Customer Environment Baselining – Discovery, Inventory, and Reconciliation
  • Customer Software License Compliance Audits


For End-user Organizations
End-user organizations are faced with ever-increasing challenges in managing their IT assets. Most organizations are seeing increasing needs to know what IT assets (software or hardware) exist within the organization, where the assets are physically located, how are they configured, who is using them, how they are being used, dependencies with other IT assets, and much more. The above information is needed for multiple purposes, including:


  • Cost control
  • Asset protection
  • Optimization and consolidation efforts
  • Software license compliance
  • For operational reasons including support, information security, business continuity, configuration management, and change management, amongst others.


We help business take inventory of their software and hardware assets, and help them develop an ongoing plan to track both Software and Hardware, understand software license consumption, and reconcile it with software license entitlement. Specifically, software license contracts are becoming more complex, with more clauses and cases addressing specific structures. Ensuring the enterprise is compliant with their software licensing contracts becomes an intricate balance of technical expertise and legal knowledge.


  • SAM / ITAM Program Assessment, Design, and Implementation
  • SAM / ITAM Processes (ISO 19770-1, ITIL)
  • Software ID Tagging (ISO 19770-2) – Strategy, Design, and Implementation
  • Tool Selection and Implementation
  • IBM License Metric Tool (ILMT) Optimization and Data Analysis
  • Software License Entitlement and Contract Management
  • Software Inventory / Discovery
  • Software License Reconciliation
  • Software Contract Optimization