SOX Compliance Service Offering


SOAProjects has been a thought leader in SOX since 2004 and has assisted over 170 clients in implementing and maintaining SOX Compliance with a full range of services from outsourcing to co-sourcing Sarbanes Oxley compliance services and business process optimization. SOAProjects attracts and retains quality Internal Audit, SOX Compliance and IT professionals.



SOAProjects approaches SOX Compliance projects using its overall RIM (“Risk Assessment – Process Improvement – Continuous Monitoring”) methodology. We designed our approach to address an organization’s evolving risk profile, and we will address the dynamic changing environment at the Company  by reviewing and updating the risk assessment regularly to ensure changes in business are reflected in our compliance effort. We has developed and implemented phased approach for SOX Implementation for Pre-IPO and Newly Public Companies taking into account organizations risk profiles.


SOAProjects uses a consistent methodology and templates on SOX engagements. Our planning and execution methodology is closely aligned with that of the Big–4 accounting firms and takes into careful consideration the guidance provided under PCAOB Auditing Standard 5 as well as recent PCAOB guidance including Staff Audit Practice Alert No. 11. We will also perform our procedures keeping in mind the Fraud Triangle. IT Compliance & Advisory group works with clients to assess technology risks, manage and mitigate the impacts of those risks to the business, and enable the organization to leverage technology.


Some of the SOX-related services which our team has extensive experience in providing to our clients in conjunction with our SOX projects include:

Project management is the cornerstone of our success. SOAProjects will establish an effective communication protocol to allow our team to track the progress of the engagement. At SOAProjects, we believe success of project management is to manage the engagement proactively and continuously throughout the process.