Supply Chain Advisory Services

Every organization has dealings with vendors and service providers. In our experience, nearly all organizations can realize a benefit from Supply Chain Optimization and Vendor Compliance. Some of the areas we can help are vendor rationalization, consolidation and optimization, vendor contract compliance, streamlining supply-chain and vendor management processes, demand planning, logistics and assisting in establishing best practices for more effective cost control.

Some vendor contracts have self-reporting elements within them; such as time and material, cost+, or special pricing clauses incorporated in the contract. With such self-reporting elements, “trust” must be placed in the accuracy of the vendor’s analysis of the usage for billing. Our experience shows that such vendor billing is rarely accurate when self-reporting elements are involved. The main cause for this is not intentional fraud, but rather a breakdown in the vendor’s own internal billing processes or confusion surrounding the contract terms. Organizations can see significant savings per year by embracing vendor compliance practices. SOAProjects can provide:


  • Logistics and Demand Planning
  • Review and analysis of vendor contracts
  • Vendor rationalization and consolidation
  • Procurement and supply chain process review and optimization
  • Supply chain compliance – Transparency Act (California SB 657), Conflict Minerals (Dodd-Frank), and other
  • Vendor compliance audits and recovery of over-payments:
    • Time & material arrangements (e.g. Professional Services, IT Outsourcing, Ad Agency)
    • Cost+ and Contract Manufacturing arrangements
    • Special pricing arrangements (e.g. MFC/MFN Clauses)
    • Performance against service level agreements and demand for credits due